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How can I share my item so a coworker can review?

You can share an item with another user of your LibraryAware organization by sending them a link to the item.

  1. Select the FOLDERS link from the main navigation toolbar. 

  2. Click on a folder's name to open it.  When the folder opens you will see thumbnail image of all the items saved to that folder.

  3. Hover over an item to to locate the three-dot menu. 

  4. Click it to view the sharing options.

  5. Select either the View PDF or View Image option. *Note that View PDF only appears as an option for print items, not widgets or e-blasts.

  6. The preview will open in a new browser tab. At the top of the page you'll see Share this content and the sharing URL. Copy the URL and send it to your coworker for review.

Anyone with this link can view the item's preview. To edit an item, a user in your organization's LibraryAware account (with the user role of Administrator, Publisher, or Editor) will need to log in to LibraryAware, locate the item in its folder, and open it in the editor.

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