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What does LibraryAware do to prevent emails sent from LibraryAware from being flagged as spam?

  1. We honor recipients’ requests: We automatically include subscribe and unsubscribe links, as well as contact information, in the footer of bulk emails. We require a "double opt-in," meaning that when patrons subscribe via a page in LibraryAware, they will be sent a verification message to their email address.  This allows us to confirm patrons’ consent to receive email.  While we do allow libraries to do a bulk upload of subscribers, please consider whether you have permission from the owners of these email addresses to send these emails.
  2. We handle email "bounces": Email servers will sometimes "bounce" email based on criteria configured by the administrator of that server. We actively monitor "hard" and "soft" bounces from these servers. "Hard" bounces immediately remove a subscriber from an organization's subscriber list, while a number of "soft" bounces must occur on a subscriber's email before it is unsubscribed. Statistics on bounces are available within LibraryAware for bulk email sends.  See the Folder Reports page for more information.
  3. We don't blast receiving servers: When bulk emails are sent, we "warm up" the recipient servers by sending a few emails, and then gradually increasing the number until all emails are sent.  This is an indicator to the receiving server that we are not sending spam.
  4. We keep a good reputation: We actively monitor the major "deny listing" services to make sure that we're doing all that we can to keep in good standing.
  5. We help you set up the Spam Protection Framework: The "Spam Protection Framework" or "SPF" is a way for a server to confirm that an email sent from our products is valid and not fraudulent. By including an appropriate return address in our messages, we are able to comply with the SPF, increasing the likelihood of a message being received.
  6. We work with customers: We have a staff devoted to working with customers to make sure their experience using LibraryAware is fantastic. If issues related to firewalls or mail filters arise, you can contact our knowledgeable staff at

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