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Can I copy an element?

These instructions apply to templates that use the Drag and Drop editor only. For instructions on editing items created in the Lists editor, see the Creating Print Items: Classic Editor section.    

In the Drag and Drop editor you can copy and paste elements (such as text boxes, images, and shapes) in your item. This is useful if you are working on a book flyer and want to quickly add book jacket boxes of the same size. 

To copy an element in your item:

  1. Select the element with your mouse.
  2. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + C.
  3. Press Ctrl + V on your keyboard and the element will be pasted on the middle of the current page.
    Note: If you want to paste the element on the other page of a two-sided template, just scroll to view that page of the editor then use Ctrl + V.
  4. With your mouse, drag the element to position it in the item.
The Drag and Drop editor does not allow you to select and copy multiple elements at once.

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