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In the Drag and Drop editor, can I convert an existing item to a different item type?

In the Drag and Drop editor, if you want to use an existing item that you've created in a new item type, you can do so by inserting the existing item as an image. You can do this if you want to convert an item to a different item type, for example many users do this to convert posters to a smaller flyer.

To convert an existing item to a new template:

Note: When you add an image of an item to a new item type, keep in mind that items with different proportions may not fit properly. If you want to convert an item to a different format, try to choose a new template with a similar width to height ratio as your item.
  1. In the Folder you want to save your item in, click on the Create Item button. You will be taken to the search bar page. Type "blank" into the search bar to bring up the blank templates.

  2. Under the Refine Results sidebar on the left, click the appropriate format that you want to create. For example, if you want to insert your poster image to a quarter-flyer, click the checkbox next to Flyers-Quarter. If you need a blank template with branding at the bottom, select the thumbnail template with a grey placeholder image at the bottom. 

  3. Click the blue Create button in the thumbnail of the template you would like to use. This will open the template up in the Drag and Drop Editor.

  4. In the left panel, click the Image option.

  5. With your mouse, drag Folder Items over to your item. Make sure that your mouse cursor is over the item template when you drop the image.

  6. The image selector window will display with the Folder Items tab open.

  7. Search for your original item and click the Select Image button to add it to your item.

  8. Click on the image and move it into place.

  9. With the image selected, use the handles in the corners to resize the image to fill your new item template. As you move and resize your image keep in mind that you might want to cover the placeholder branding block in the image with the current branding or another element in your item.

  10. Click outside of your template to release the image.

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