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Expert Tips on Editing NextReads Newsletters

See our Editing NextReads Newsletters tutorial to learn how you can delete, add or move records and even how to add additional sections for information unique to your library.

Remember, you don’t need to change a thing—unless you want to. Our editors pick well-reviewed books, and write engaging and informative annotations, so you don’t have to. Whether or not you choose to make changes, NextReads newsletters will continue to be distributed to your subscribers on schedule and linked directly to your catalog.
  • Keep a schedule. Take a look at our NextReads Newsletter Delivery Schedule and add the dates to your work calendar—you’ll keep up with newsletters that have Advance Lists available or have a draft ready for review. Only need to keep up with a few newsletter lists? You can star those lists that are most important to you, then change your settings to only receive emails on those starred lists.

  • Check your collection. To start, review books for availability in your local collection. You can do this easily from your Advance List if you have your local collection file uploaded and set up in LibraryAware’s Basic Settings. SirsiDynix, Evergreen, and Innovative customers can also use our On The Shelf (OTS) feature for real-time availability information. From a newsletter, you can delete or swap any books that aren’t owned by your library. But before you replace our records, take a look at our next tip.

  • Use NextReads for collection development. Our NextReads editors carefully curate the newsletters using professional and reader reviews, and popularity data. Many libraries use our newsletter to help them make purchasing decisions. If you don’t have one of the books we’ve listed, you can easily add it to your Baker & Taylor cart straight from the Advance List.

  • Keep the annotations simple. Our annotations are formatted into sections using section tags. If you add a new title, you can keep your annotation simple by just adding the “What it’s about:” section tag before the publisher’s annotation. Take a look at our other section tags and get creative!

  • Make it personal. Are there any programs, events, or resources that the readers of this newsletter might be interested in? Add a section to your newsletter to promote this information. Here's how.

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