Promoting LearningExpress

LibraryAware has ready-to-go templates for you to let your patrons know about LearningExpress.

Using the ready-to-go templates for print items

You can find these templates within the Print: Drag and Drop type, under:
  • Bookmarks
  • Flyers-Signs
  1. Select the Print: Drag and Drop type.
  2. Select the format of print material.
  3. Search "LearningExpress" to find the templates. 
  4. Just edit the template to add your branding and text, then you’re ready to print.

Customizing the ready-made e-blast templates

  1. From within a Promotion, click Create Item.
  2. Select the Emails type.
  3. Select the E-blasts format.
  4. Search "LearningExpress" to find the templates.
  5. Customize the template to add your branding and links to the resource on your library's site.
  6. Send the list to your subscribers.

Add an extra note to your NextReads newsletters

Before each issue of NextReads goes out, you have an opportunity to add or edit the content. Consider adding information on LearningExpress

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