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If I make changes to a scheduled email, will I need to reschedule it?

Yes, you will, if it is an e-blast created under the Folders tab.

NOTE: Since items created under the Newsletter tab keep the same permanent URL, you will not need to reschedule a newsletter once you make changes.

To re-schedule your email:

  1. To locate the existing scheduled email, click Folders on the main navigation toolbar.

  2. Click to open the folder that contains the e-blast.

  3. In the folder, click the FOLDER SETTINGS link.

  4. From the Folder Settings pop-up, select Folder Schedule.

  5. At the Schedule page, click the Delete Post link to the right of your scheduled email.

  6. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click OK.

  7. Go back to the Folder and re-schedule your email. See the How do I schedule e-blasts to a group of subscribers? page for more information.

To view the list of all scheduled e-blasts and social media posts for your organization, go to the Reports tab on the main navigation toolbar. See the Folder Schedule page for more information.

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