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If I make changes to a scheduled email, will I need to reschedule it?

Yes, you will, if it was created under the Promotions tab. Since items created under the Newsletter tab keep the same permanent URL, you will not need to reschedule a newsletter once you make changes.

1.      To locate the existing scheduled email, click on the Promotions tab.
2.      Click the View Promotion link under the Promotion the email is saved in.
3.      Click the Schedule link on the left.  

4.     Click the Delete Post link under your scheduled email. 
5.      Click OK in the pop-up box. 
6.     Go back to your email in the Promotion it is saved in. Click the thumbnail or the title.
7.      Click on the Schedule Email link and reschedule the email.

You also can see a list of your scheduled items, including social media posts, by clicking on the Reports tab. You can delete your scheduled email post from the Reports tab as well.


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