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Promoting Your Business Resources

LibraryAware has business kits of promotional templates to help your library connect with your local business community and provide support to your local entrepreneurs. Check out our templates on promoting Small Business Reference Center and Business Source Complete.

These materials are ready-to-go--just add your library's branding and print or send!

1.      From within a Promotion, click Create Item. Or you can click on the Home tab.

2.      Enter “Small Business Reference Center” or “Business Source Complete” into the search bar to find the templates.

3.      Under the Refine Results sidebar on the left, click on the format type to narrow down your results. Click next to the Flyers-Signs and Bookmarks-3 page checkboxes to display the print templates. Click next to the E-blasts checkbox to bring up the e-blast templates.

4.      Click the blue Create button in the template thumbnail you would like to use.

5.      Just edit the template to add your branding and text. If you are creating an e-blast, you can also add links to the resource on your library’s site. Then you are ready to print or send the e-blast to your subscribers. 


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