How do I choose the right widget template for my social media post, blog post, website carousel, or digital sign?

With our new all-template search bar, finding the exact widget template you need has never been easier. Look through our chart below to find the aspect ratio for the type of social media post item you want to create.

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Recommended pixel dimensions

Facebook cover


820 x 312

Facebook post


180 x 180

Instagram post


1080 x 1080

Pinterest pin


735 x 1102

Twitter header photo


1500 x 500

Twitter post photo


440 x 220 (min); 1024 x 512 (max)

Display screen image

See notes below

See notes below

Blog post image or carousel

See notes below

See notes below

For example, if you want to find a blank widget template to use for a picture that you will post on Instagram, type “1:1 blank” into the search bar.

Choose a template labeled “Blank 1:1.”

To browse our designed templates made specifically for Instagram, search “1:1 Instagram.”

Once you are ready to post, follow these steps to save your template as an image and post to Instagram.

Digital signage

Digital signage sizes will vary based on your display screen and its orientation. Common aspect ratios for horizontal displays will be 16:9 or 4:3. Use an aspect ratio calculator to find the correct one for your needs.

If your display screen can accept a link to the image, use the Get Image URL option and copy the link at the top of the page. 

Need an image file to upload into your software? Choose the widget that matches your display screen’s aspect ratio as explained above. When you’re done, save it as an image and add it to your display program. 

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