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Using the Folders section

Our folders section has a streamlined look and features designed to help you find your items faster. 

Watch our video tutorial on using the new folders feature:

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Create a new folder

Click on the Folders link at the top of your screen. Then click on the green Create Folder button. This will open the Create Folder pop-up menu.

Type in the title for your new folder. You may also add in a folder description if you would like. Then click on the drop-down menu to choose a branding set for the items that will be created in the folder. Click the Create Folder button.

A green box with the text, “Your folder has been created” will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click on the X to close the notification. Then you can click the Create Item button at the top to be taken to the search page. 

Use a keyword or browse by format to find a template and create a new item.

Open a folder

Click on the folder row to open the folder. 

View the items saved inside the folder. 

Sort and filter your list of folders

Click on the different field names to sort your folders by Name, Creator, Creation Date, Last Updated, or Items. 

For example, click on the Name field to sort your folders alphabetically from A to Z.

Click it again to sort alphabetically from Z to A.

Search for a folder

Click on the Search icon at the right of the screen.

The folder search bar will appear. Type the title of the folder you are searching for. It will display below the search bar. 

All Items View

Click the All Items button on the left to see all the items in your organization. Use the All Items view to find items without having to click into different folders. 

Click the Show Filters button to show the pop-up menu. 

Filter by creator or format type, and search through all items or starred items. 

Click the Modified - Newest button to show the pop-up menu.

Sort by date modified, date created, and item name alphabetically.

My Folders

To view only the folders you have created, click the My Folders button on the left. 

Recent Folders

Click the Recent button on the left to view all active folders updated within the last week. 

Star and unstar a folder

Use the star icon to mark your most used folders. Click the star icon to the right of the item thumbnail image to star the folder. 

Then click on the Starred button on the left sidebar to show only the Starred folders.

To remove a star from a folder, click on the star icon again. 

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