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How do I add branding headers and footers in the Drag & Drop Email Editor?

Do you want to increase awareness and recognition of your library’s brand? You can by adding branding Headers and Footers to your e-blasts! Choose the jump start method or skip to dive in deeper and get a few pro tips.

Jump start:

If your template shows a header or footer placeholder, your branding already magically appears! You’re welcome.

Have another branding set you’d like to use? In the template, click your branding and the list of available branding will appear. Select the desired branding and insert it. And lickety-split you’ve swapped out your branding. 

Deeper dive

Insert new Header or Footer Block: Drag and drop a Header or Footer Block into an existing Structure in the e-blast. Click it to select then Insert your desired branding. 

Delete: To delete a Header or Footer Block, hover over it in the e-blast. A menu tab will appear on the right side of the block. Click on the tab and click on the trash can icon. 

Non-responsive branding alert

If you notice an alert indicator on the Device Preview icon or beside certain branding blocks on the Insert Header or Insert Footer windows, don’t panic! This indicator is letting you know that your branding could be non-responsive. We can help. Here’s how

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