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How do I create and edit an e-blast in the Drag & Drop Email Editor?

Looking for an easier and faster way to create emails that engage patrons in new ways? You’re in the right place! The Drag & Drop Email Editor combines the flexibility and ease of drag and drop functionality with highly requested features (like an undo button).

  1. You can create an e-blast from the HOME tab at the top of LibraryAware. Or click the FOLDERS tab, select the folder you would like your e-blast to be saved in, then click the Create Item button.

  2. Search for templates by entering a search term or keyword describing the topic or subject of your email. Template thumbnails will show an icon in the top left corner indicating which editor the template uses. 

  3. Use the Refine column on the left to limit to a Format of E-Blasts and an Editor Type of Drag & Drop Email.

    NOTE: To browse all templates for the Drag & Drop Email Editor, don’t enter any search terms or keyword. Use the Refine column on the left to limit to an Editor Type of Drag & Drop Email.

  4. Click the Create button at the bottom of the template thumbnail. The template will then open in the Drag & Drop Email Editor.

Check out short tutorial videos on our YouTube playlist Using the LibraryAware Drag & Drop Email Editor.

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