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What are the elements of a Drag & Drop email?

Drag & Drop emails are made up of four elements that nest within each other. Combine and stack elements as needed to create your perfect email.

In a hurry? Great news! Our templates have these elements already included. Simply pop in your details and adjust settings to your preferred customization. But you always have the flexibility to add in more elements or remove elements as needed.

Check out our handy visual guide to the elements, or skip ahead for more details.

Elements of a Drag & Drop Email


Blocks are the content pieces of the email.

*select each Block to learn more.


Containers are the areas of a Structure where you add in Blocks of content. They’re created when you add in a Structure. You can add up to eight Containers horizontally in the Structure. Containers can be saved as reusable Modules


Structures are the layout framework of the email that allow you to create custom layouts. Each Structure is made up of one or more Containers to hold the content you want to feature. Structures can be saved as reusable Modules


A Stripe is a complete section of the email, often the entire email itself, and it can contain many Structures. Stripes can be saved as reusable Modules.

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