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How do I edit the header of my NextReads newsletters?

If you have Newsletter Builder (for corporate customers), go to the Welcome to the Newsletter Builder platform page to learn about creating your newsletters.

NextReads newsletters use the default email branding in your LibraryAware account. Want to use our NextReads header on all your newsletters? Or want to jazz things up further but don’t have a graphic designer? No problem. We’ve done the work for you with professionally designed headers you can use. Take a look!

From the Admin section of LibraryAware, you can make changes to a newsletter header, for example to add custom header images. Only users who are assigned the Administrator user role will have access to the Branding page.
  1. To access the Branding page, select Admin at the top of LibraryAware, click Asset Management, then select the Branding link.  

  2. To create a branding set just for NextReads, click the Create button. Name the branding set (e.g., NextReads Newsletters) and click Add Branding Set.

  3. To edit the header for your newsletters, click the pencil icon beside the Email Header for the appropriate branding set. 

  4. Select Use the following image for the branding block then click Choose File

  5. Select and open the file from your computer. Click Save Changes.

  6. To set the branding set as the default set for your newletters, go to the Newsletters link at the top of LibraryAware and select Newsletter Lists.

    NOTE: To add the branding to individual issues, rather than setting it as the defualt for a list, see How do I change the branding set used in a newsletter issue?

  7. Under the newsletter you want to assign the branding set to, click Edit List Settings.

  8. Click Customize list layout then, under the Choose your Branding Set drop-down, select the desired branding set. Click Select Layout.

  9. Click Save Changes.

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