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I want to connect to Facebook

It's easy to post your LibraryAware items directly to Facebook. An Administrator on your account will first need to authorize your account under the Admin tab. Only Publishers and Administrators can post to your library’s accounts.

See also: Social Media - FAQs

The Social Accounts page is where you manage your organization's Facebook connection to LibraryAware. Select ADMIN from the main navigation toolbar, then open Social Accounts on the left.

Facebook Settings

Before you can post to one of your organization’s Facebook pages, you must first authorize Facebook to pull content from your LibraryAware account. You can authorize as many Facebook pages as you like. If you have multiple Facebook pages authorized, you will be able to select which page to add your content to when you post an Item to Facebook.

Note: You must already have the permissions to post to your organization’s Facebook page from your own personal Facebook account, before you can authorize LibraryAware to post to Facebook.

*** Make sure that you are logged out of your personal Facebook account in your browser before you add your organization's Facebook account to LibraryAware. If you are not logged out in the browser, you will get a blank pop-up window instead of seeing the login page for Facebook for the authentication process in LibraryAware. ***
  1. Click the Authorize button under the Facebook Settings heading.

  2. The Facebook login will appear in a pop-up window. Follow the prompts to login and select the page(s) you want to authorize. Note: This will not give other LibraryAware users access to your personal Facebook account, just to the Facebook pages for which you are an admin.

  3. At the LibraryAware Social Accounts page, you will now see the page listed under Currently Authorized Facebook Pages.

  4. If you need to authorize additional pages under a different login, log out of Facebook before repeating steps 1-3.

Due to changes requested by Facebook, any pages authorized prior to February 13, 2023 must be reauthorized in LibraryAware. Any pages not reauthorized will be listed as invalid
  1. Select the invalid Facebook page and click the Remove button.

  2. Click the Authorize button and follow the steps above to authorize the page.

Once reauthorized, the page(s) will appear under Currently Authorized Facebook Pages. For immediate help, use Live Chat in LibraryAware.

When you deauthorize a Facebook page, users at your organization will no longer be able to post to it from LibraryAware. However, this will not affect messages that previously have been posted from LibraryAware. 
  1. Under Currently Authorized Facebook Pages, check the box beside the page you want to remove. 

  2. Click Deauthorize Selected Pages.

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