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Social Media - FAQs


Facebook has verified the changes requested to LibraryAware's posting integration. However, posts scheduled before today may fail starting Sunday, February 12. Please reschedule them after your pages have been reauthorized.

ACTION NEEDED: To continue posting to Facebook, your library must reauthorize LibraryAware to post to your Facebook pages as soon as possible, preferably by February 13. Any pages not reauthorized will be listed as invalid. NOTE: This may only be done by the person who is an administrator both in LibraryAware and for your organization’s Facebook page(s). To start the reauthorization, go to this page and follow the steps below under "REAUTHORIZE A FACEBOOK PAGE." For help, please use Live Chat in LibraryAware weekdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. You may also email us at

How do I connect LibraryAware to my library’s Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Only users with the Administrator user role can authorize your library’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect to LibraryAware. Here’s how.

Can I connect LibraryAware to a Facebook profile rather than page?

LibraryAware can only be connected to Facebook Pages, not Profiles or Groups. According to Facebook, Pages are places on Facebook where artists, public figures, businesses, brands, organizations, and nonprofits can connect with their fans or customers. See Facebook's Help Center for more information.

How do I post to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest from LibraryAware

To post to Facebook and Twitter, an Administrator on your account will first need to authorize your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  1. Open the Folder that contains the item you want to post.

  2. Hover over the item thumbnail to find the three-dot menu. Click it.

  3. From the sharing options listed you will see Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter, and Share on Pinterest. Select one.

See I want to post to social mediafor complete instructions for each platform.

Will LibraryAware ever post anything that my library has not created, to our Facebook account?

No, only the LibraryAware users at your library with a user role of Publisher or Administrator will be able to post items to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. LibraryAware will never post anything to social media which your library has not scheduled.

When I post to Facebook or Twitter, where will the post link to?

When posting an item (widget, flyer, etc.) to Facebook or Twitter from LibraryAware, the default link is to a larger view of the item in a browser tab. You have the option of changing this link by clicking the Edit Link button on the Create Social Media page. We recommend editing the link to drive users to your library website, catalog, event calendar, or video.

Why are social media links in LibraryAware shortened?

When you share an Item from LibraryAware to social media, LibraryAware creates a permanent link to that Item using a short, social media-friendly URL. These persistent links allow us to track clicks on your Item so that you can view statistics for your posts.

Can I post to Instagram from LibraryAware?

While LibraryAware cannot be connected directly to your Instagram account, it's easy to save an item as an image to your computer. You can then post the image to Instagram.

*We recommend using the 1:1 Widget templates to create graphics for Instagram. 

To save an item as an image (PNG) to your computer:
  1. Open the Folder that contains the item you want to post.

  2. Hover over the item thumbnail to find the three-dot menu. Click it.

  3. From the sharing options listed, select View Image.

  4. The image will open in a new browser tab. Right-click on the image.

  5. Select Save image as...

  6. Navigate to the location on your computer your want to save to.

  7. Name and save the file.

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