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How do I add subscribers?

Add your email contacts to LibraryAware under the Subscribers section. You can target promotions to a specific audience by assigning subscribers to Interest Groups. For example, anyone interested in children’s programming may be added to a Children’s Programming Interest Group, while anyone interested in adult programming may be added to an Adult Programming Interest Group. See the How do I create a new Subscriber Interest Group? page for more information. 

Subscribers can also subscribe and be subscribed to Newsletter Lists on a particular topic that is of interest.

Learn about the difference between Interest Groups and Newsletter Lists at the What is the difference between an Interest Group and a Newsletter List? page.

There are two ways to add new subscribers:

  • Add Individually
  • Bulk Upload  Note: If you plan to add more than 20,000 email addresses at one time, please contact LibraryAware Support at for assistance.  

To add individual subscribers:

  1. Click on Subscribers at the top of LibraryAware, and then select the Active Subscribers link on the left (under Email Subscribers).
  2. Click the Add button, and select Single Subscriber
  3. Enter the Name and Email Address of the person you would like to add. 
  4. Optionally, you can select the appropriate Subscriber Interest Groups.  Or type in a new Interest Group in the Create a Subscriber Interest Group box and click Add.
  5. If your organization has any Newsletter Lists available (including NextReads Newsletter Lists), you can sign up this subscriber to receive those newsletters by clicking in the Newsletter Lists box and selecting the appropriate Newsletter Lists.
  6. Click Save. At the top of the screen, you will see a notification that the new subscriber has been successfully added. 
  7. Click Go Back to return to the Email Subscribers page. The new subscribers will be listed with existing subscribers. 
The subscriber list can be sorted by First Name, Last Name, Email Address, or Bounce Status by clicking on the column header.

For information on bulk uploading a list of subscribers, see the How do I bulk upload a list of subscribers? page.

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