Creating Print Items: Lists Editor

See also: Creating Print Items: Drag and Drop Editor

The Lists Editor makes it easy to create lists of books or events. 

  1. Click the Promotions tab from the top of LibraryAware.
  2. To create a list, click the Create Item link.
  3. Select Print: Lists. Search “section layout” to find Section Layout templates.
Note: You can also find templates for the Lists Editor on the Home tab at the top of LibraryAware. Click the Home tab, then click Create under the template you would like to use.

The following Help pages will guide you through using the Lists editor and creating your item:

How do I create items in the Lists editor?


How do I name Items?

How do I change the colors used in my Item?

How do I change the font and font colors used in my Item?

How do I add a link to an Item?

How do I add a QR code to my Item?

How do I change the branding set used in an item?

When you are done working in the Editor, you can Save, Preview, or Exit using the buttons at the top right-hand side, or from the File menu in the menu bar at the top. If you are ready to deliver or post your Item, you can use the Publish to drop-down menu or the Publish menu in the menu bar.  For more information on publishing your Item, see the Printing & Publishing Items section of Help.

For information about editing a newsletter or e-blast, see the How do I create and edit a newsletter issue? and the How do I create and edit an e-blast? pages.

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