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What is the difference between an Interest Group and a Newsletter List?

In LibraryAware you can send email communications using either Interest Groups and Newsletter Lists subscribers. Consider the following before choosing which subscriber group to use:

Interest Groups:
  • Groups subscribers that have similar interests, for examples subscribers interested in certain types of library events or programs.
  • Use to target promotions to a specific audience. Patrons can also subscribe from the opt-in page, if you include Interest Groups on your opt-in.
  • Reach by creating and sending an e-blast under a Promotion. E-blasts are typically not regularly scheduled email communications.
  • E-blasts allow you to pull in a Promotion's reusable content, like event, book, or AV information. 
Newsletters List subscribers:
  • Newsletter Lists are a collection of newsletter issues on a particular topic. 
  • Subscribers will sign up on your opt-in page for the lists that they are interested in, for example the Mystery Newsletter List.
  • Reach by creating and sending newsletter issues under the Newsletter List topic. Newsletter issues are typically sent according to a regular schedule for subscribers.
  • Content from newsletters can be published to one of our newsletter widgets.
  • The latest issue of each Newsletter List is linked from the opt-in page.

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