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I want to send out an email. Where should I create it?

In LibraryAware, you can send emails and newsletters by clicking either the Folders link or the Newsletter link. Which you choose depends on the outcome you want. Look at the examples below before you get started because once you’ve created your item in one place, you can’t move it to the other. 

Use the Newsletter link:

If you want to use your email to create a book river or widget:

If you want to have an online archive of your emails:

If you want to embed your newsletter issue on your web page:

Use the Folders link:

If you want to use targeted or segmented subscriber interest groups

If you are sending an e-blast as a quick, one-time email, or want to use our additional email templates:


Want some tips on using newsletters and e-blasts to reach readers? We’ve got recorded webinars and training plus a white paper filled with ideas. Still stumped? Click the “Stuck? Chat with us!” button while in LibraryAware and we’ll help you out.

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