Cheat Sheet: Create a "books with buzz" newsletter

Our new books with buzz email newsletter templates are specifically designed for use with NoveList Media Mentions. These are the perfect way to reach readers who might not be coming into your library to see your other readers’ advisory efforts.

1. In NoveList, create a folder for your Media Mentions search alert results.
2. Create your alert by selecting Advanced Search on the home page under the search bar. 

3. Scroll down to Limit your results and select Includes media mentions and any other limiters based on what you want to include in your newsletter: all results, sections for fiction and nonfiction, sections for each age group. 

4. In LibraryAware, create a newsletter following the steps for using results from your search alert

Be sure to choose one of our new templates specifically designed for use with media mentions when you click the Customize List Layout button in the Create Newsletter List page. 

You will also want to click on the radio button that reads "The list will use and EBSCOhost alert as a source of issues."

5. When you’re ready to publish your newsletter, click the annotation and convert it to rich text using the pencil icon. This will allow you to edit the text box and add the media mention source. Save it, and you’re done! 

Want to do more?

Use your newsletter to create a book carousel for your website or add it to your catalog with NoveList Select.

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