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Can I include animated GIFs in my e-blasts in the Drag & Drop Email Editor?

Yes! Ready to boost your email engagement in exciting and delightful ways? Here’s how to add animated GIFs to your e-blasts using the Image Block in the Drag & Drop Email Editor. 

*The Banner Block doesn't accept GIFs.

Using a template with a GIF placeholder

Looking for a template that includes a GIF? Search for GIF then limit to the Editor Type of Drag & Drop Email

If your template shows an Image Block GIF placeholder, just click on it and the image settings will open. 

Want to swap out the GIF? Click the icon of rotating arrows and select a new GIF (just search GIF) or upload your own. 

Pro tip! Using the GIF as-is works like a charm. You won't be able to use the Image Editor to edit GIFs.

Adding a GIF to an Image Block

Insert new Image Block: Drag and drop an Image Block into an existing Structure in the e-blast. Click it to open the LibraryAware Image Selector. 

From here you can search for and select a GIF from our library, upload a GIF from your computer, or use a GIF URL. 

Pro tip! Convert your MP4 videos to GIFs using a free online tool like Adobe Express. Or make an animated GIF using PowerPoint or Google Slides (search online for instructions). 

Click Select to add the GIF to your e-blast. In the e-blast, click on the GIF to open the Image settings menu. 

NOTE: The image will fit the width of the container, maintaining its original aspect ratio. Need to edit your container? Here’s how

Check out our help page on adding images for complete details on image settings options.

Coding whiz? Add your GIFs using the HTML Block

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