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How do I add book or AV records to a Drag & Drop Email?

LibraryAware’s Template Modules offer a selection of ready-made Smart Containers and Structures you can use to quickly pull in Book/AV records, Event (Evanced feeds), or RSS feeds. *Smart" means that you populate these elements with external data, such as book and AV records.

Add a Book or AV Record Template Module

  1. In the editor, expand the Modules tab. 

  2. Select Template Modules.

    • The default view is Tiles View. Select the List button to switch to List View.

    • The default grouping is by Category (Smart Containers, Smart Structures, and Other). Switch to Tag grouping by selecting the Funnel button and selecting Tag.

  3. Search for Book or Audiovisual and scroll through the options. 

  4.  When you locate the Module you want to use, select it and drag it into position in your email.

    NOTE: Structures can only be stacked on other Structures. You cannot nest a Structure within another Structure. Container modules can be added to any existing Structure in the email, no matter the configuration of the Structure.

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Configure Smart Containers and Smart Structures

  1. Once the Template Module has been added to your e-blast, hover over it to locate the Smart Container or Smart Structure tab and click it. The Data settings will open on the left.

  2. Under Appearance (below the Data label), navigate to Choose the product.

  3. Select Browse. The Select Smart Element pop-up will open.

  4. Search for the record you want:
    • Use the drop-down to search by Keyword, ISBN, Author, or Title

    • Enter your search terms.

    • Locate the record you want to use and click the Select button. The data from the record that is included in the module will auto-populate.

    • In the Data settings, you will be able to edit any of the data listed.

    • To swap the image for another, click on the image in the e-blast then select the Change image icon.. This will open the Image Block settings. Select the Change image icon to open the LibraryAware Image selector. Search for a new image or upload your own.

      NOTE: This only changes the image. To swap the record for another, hover over the record in the e-blast to locate the Smart Structure or Container tab and click on it. Data settings will open on the left. Under Choose the product click Browse. Locate the record you want and Select.

    • To edit the description, click on the description text in the e-blast. This will open the Text Block settings. Edit the text copy in the e-blast, change any of the text settings on the left, or use the Text Formatting toolbar at the top of the screen.

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