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How do I create a custom opt-in/subscribe page?

Only users who are assigned the Administrator user role will have access to the Opt-In Pages page.

You can create a custom opt-in page of select Newsletter Lists and link to it from your website or promotional Items, including promotional widgets. To create a standard opt-in page, see What is an Opt-In Page link and how do I generate one?. If you have difficulty creating your custom opt-in page please contact our technical support team at

To create a custom opt-in page:

  1. In LibraryAware, select the Subscribers tab from the main navigation toolbar.

  2. Click the Opt-In link on the left.

  3. Click the Create Your Own Opt-In Page button. The Create Opt-In Page page will open.

  4. Enter the Name for the opt-in page.

  5. If you want to add a header to match the styling on your website, click the Source button to edit and add the html for the header.

  6. Enter the text that will appear on the opt-in page. Format the text using the formatting toolbar at the top of the Editor.

  7. To add a link:

    • Highlight the text you want to link.

    • Click the Add/Edit link button.

    • Enter the URL for the link.

    • Click OK.
  1. Use the Insert Subscriber Details button to add the entry boxes for the subscriber’s first and last name, and email address. Subscriber details are required on all custom opt-in pages.

  2. To display the newsletter lists or interest groups in a column/grid format, insert a table:

    • Position your mouse where you want to insert the table.

    • Click the Table icon from the formatting toolbar.

    • From the Table Properties window, select the number of rows and columns, width, height, text alignment, and other properties for your table.

    • Select an option from the Headers drop-down menu. After you insert your table, you can add the header text in the first row or first column.

    • Enter a Caption to display text centered above the table.

    • Click OK.
  1. Add a newsletter list using the Insert Newsletter List drop-down menu. Or add an interest group using the Insert Interest Group drop-down. If you added a table, insert a newsletter list/interest group in each cell of the table. If you did not add a table, insert your newsletter lists/interest groups in list format by using the Return button on your keyboard after each is added. Each list or group will be added with a checkbox to the left of the name.

  2. Click the Save button to save your custom opt-in page.

Note: If a newsletter list or interest group on your custom opt-in page is later deactivated, you will need to manually remove the newsletter list or group from the custom opt-in.

Once you create the custom opt-in page, you will be taken back to the list of all custom pages. At the list of custom opt-in pages, you can:
  • Get opt-in page link – Click this link to access the URL for your opt-in page. Copy the URL and send it to your webmaster to have the link added to your library’s website.

  • Preview – Click this link to see how the opt-in page will appear on your website.

  • Edit – Click this link to make edits to your opt-in page. Any changes made to a live opt-in page will appear immediately.

  • Delete – Click this link to delete your opt-in page. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the opt-in page. Note that when you delete a custom opt-in page, any links on your website that point to it will now point to the default LibraryAware subscribe page.

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