Getting Started with NextReads in LibraryAware

Welcome to NextReads.  NextReads is a newsletter service that delivers reading recommendations based on patrons’ reading interests.  We have recently transitioned NextReads from a stand-alone product to an integral part of LibraryAware. You’ll receive all the same, award-winning NextReads content inside of LibraryAware. This page is your one-stop source of help and support about NextReads.

Note: If you are a LibraryAware customer and you would like access to NextReads newsletters, please contact us at

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About NextReads

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NextReads Downloads

Download product buttons and a newsletter header at the NextReads Downloads page.

Help and Documentation

Below is a reference list to help you easily find help pages for NextReads users.  Additional help on newsletters and other features of LibraryAware can be found in the Knowledge Base or by using the search box on the right side of the page.  For support, contact us at

Basics of LibraryAware
NextReads Newsletters
Organization Settings
Advance Lists
Using NextReads Newsletters
Creating Newsletters

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