How do I add my library's branding?

Only users who are assigned the Administrator role will have access to the Admin section of LibraryAware.

The Branding page is where you will enter any branding to be added to the Items that you create.  To access this page, select Admin from the top of LibraryAware, then click the Template Management link, and then select the Branding link.

To set up your default branding:

Once set up, the default branding will be automatically added to your Items.

  1. Click the Auto-fill Branding link beside the Default Branding heading.  
  2. The library information that you entered at the Basic Settings will be automatically pulled into the Auto-Fill form the first time that your organization accesses this page.  Changes made to the Basic Settings page later will not be reflected here.. Scroll down to enter any changes to this form:
    • Logo – To change your library logo:
      1. Click the Select Image button. 
      2. At the LibraryAware Image Selector window, find your logo image in the list or upload it by either dragging the image onto the bottom bar of this window or clicking the Select images from your computer button at the bottom of the page.  We recommend that you use a high resolution image for your logo. 
      3. Click the Select Image! button to add it as your logo.
    • Main Text Color – Select the color for your Organization Name text.
    • Secondary Text Color – Select the color for your address, phone number, and website text.
    • Background Color – Select the background color for the branding blocks in this branding set.
    • Branding Font – Choose a font to use for the branding text.
    • Organization Name
    • Website
    • Main Phone Number – Enter the phone number in the format that you want to display in the branding blocks.
    • General Contact Email – Enter the fax number in the format that you want to display in the branding blocks.
    • Reply To Address For Email
    • Country – When you select your country from the drop-down menu, the available address fields may change. 
    • Address Line 1
    • Address Line 2
    • City/Locality/Municipality/Town – Enter or select the location of your library.
    • State/Province/Territory
    • Zip/Postal/Post Code – For a US address the zip/postal code can be entered in any format you like (with a 10 character maximum).  You can enter it as a five-digit format (ex. “12345”) or a nine-digit format (ex. “12345-6789”). For other countries, enter the standard format.
  3. Click the Save Changes button to create your Default Branding set. LibraryAware will generate the branding blocks for each different type of Item.  The branding generated will fit the size required by the specific Item.  
  4. To see a larger preview of a particular branding block, click on the branding block

Adding New Branding Sets

If you want to add a new branding set to be used in your Items, click the Create button.

  1. Enter a Branding Set Name.
  2. The Add Branding Set form will automatically be filled in with the information pulled from your Basic Settings.  Enter any changes to this form (see above for information about the specific fields).
  3. Click the Add Branding Set button.
  4. Branding blocks will be generated for each different type of Item, and will be formatted to fit the size required by the specific Item.
  5. To see a larger preview of a particular branding block, click on the branding block

Note: You can edit the HTML of a particular branding block by clicking on the branding block.  In the pop-up window, click in the editing section and select the HTML icon.  The HTML code for the branding will display.

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