Cheat Sheet: Create a Bookmark

Note: These instructions apply to templates that use the Lists editor, as well as emails.

We have three different bookmark sizes, to give you flexibility depending on the amount of content you have:

Bookmark-2-page (previously called rack cards)
  • These tall, over-sized bookmarks print on both sides (2-sided).
  • Each bookmark will print on half a sheet of 8.5" by 11" paper. You will print two copies of the same design.
  • Ideal size to be used as a door hanger.
  • Great format to use when you need more space to include more information, for example a short book discussion guide.  
Bookmark-3-page (previously called wide bookmarks)
  • These bookmarks are perfectly spaced to print three bookmarks to a page, and will print on both sides (2-sided).
  • You will print three copies of the same design.
  • Perfect size for any type of list. You can fit several annotated books -- or highlight one larger book jacket and lists additional titles below.
Bookmark-4-page (previously was the standard bookmark size)
  • These narrow bookmarks are designed to print four to a page, and print on both sides (2-sided).
  • You will print four copies of the same design.
  • Great for when you are conserving paper and just want something small to hand out. There's room for a short list of books or events.

1. Choose a Template

  • Click Create Item under your promotion
  • Select Print: Lists
  • Choose a bookmark format (Hint: Take a look at our ready-to-go templates, or look for a template that uses content similar to what you want to include!)
  • Click on a template you like and then click orange Select This Template button

2. Add your Books or Events

Add the books or events for your bookmark. 
  • First enter your Item Name
  • Add or edit your book records

  • Add or edit any event lists

3. Change the Text or Colors

Change the title, colors, and any text in the template!
  • Click Color Swatch button then Use a different color swatch to change the colors in your bookmark
  • Click Save when you are done

What can you do with it?

Print the Bookmark and Display it With Your Book Displays

Bookmarks are great to include alongside a book display or rack, or at your checkout desk.  Also try placing bookmarks in your stacks -- maybe even insert them in the books on your shelves.
  • Click Save
  • Click the Print button
  • Hover over the Print Preview and click the Print icon to send the item to you printer

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