I want to use the NextReads newsletters to promote my online programs and services

Need to reach readers about your online programs and services? Put your NextReads newsletters to work. It's easy to insert a Rich Text Area or even an image to promote your event or resource. (Remember to add the Rich Text box and your information in each new issue.) Here are three ways you can turn your NextReads newsletters into an effective communications tool:

1. Keep it simple with a bit of text. 

To get this look, add a Rich Text Area at the top under the newsletter title and date. Here is an example of text to include:

The library is closed, but we're still recommending great books. Don't forget, many of our recommended titles are also offered as e-books and digital audiobooks. Just click on any title or book jacket to see what formats are available. We offer free e-book and digital audiobook apps, so you can access e-books and listen to digital audiobooks on your own device. Get the apps and more info here (Make sure to link to your e-book and digital audiobook apps). 

You can make it even simpler by just reminding readers that any item may be available in digital formats like Surrey Libraries did. Remember, book jackets and titles are linked to your catalog record through a keyword search for that item's author and title, regardless of format. You can change the type of catalog linking used for a particular book.

2. Target your promotions based on readers' interests.

Add an online resource related to the newsletter genre or topic. 

Or add an upcoming event related to the newsletter genre or topic. You can find call-to-action buttons in LibraryAware by searching "button" in the Image Selector menu. Use of one our widget templates as an image in your e-blast. 

3. Get attention with an e-book or e-audiobook button.

Using a call-to-action button can make it easier for patrons to see right away how to get the e-book or digital audiobook version. Convert the annotation to Rich Text, insert a button image from the Image Selector, and link it directly to the item's record in your catalog. See step-by-step instructions here. 

We love this:

Washington County Cooperative Library services has a catalog feature that allows patrons to create a "for later shelf" where they can keep track of items to borrow in the future. They are using NextReads newsletters to remind readers who want a printed book that this feature is available. 

Durham County Library is linking to available e-book and digital audiobook records in their NextReads newsletters to let patrons know these formats are available. 

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