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How do I set up and edit catalog links for my NextReads newsletters?

If you have Newsletter Builder (for corporate customers), go to the Welcome to the Newsletter Builder platform page to learn about creating your newsletters.

To set up catalog linking:

  1. Click Admin from the top of LibraryAware.
  2. On the left, click Account Management then Basic Settings.
  3. Under Catalog Linking, enter the URL format needed to perform each type of search.  See the Catalog Link Format Examples page if you need help with the catalog link format.  
Note: If you have set up catalog link formats for your library, your NextReads newsletters will automatically include catalog links for each title.  Book titles and book jacket images will be linked.  Please check these catalog links prior to the newsletter send date.

To change the type of catalog link used for a particular book in a NextReads newsletter:

  1. From the Editor, use your mouse to insert your cursor at any place in the text of the linked book title or click on the book jacket image.
  2. Click the Add/Edit Link icon in the formatting toolbar.
  3. From the Book tab of the Add/Edit link window, change the information in the Title, Author, or ISBN field, to match the information in your catalog.
  4. At the Preferred Catalog Link field, you can select a different type of catalog search.
  5. Click OK to change the link in your newsletter.
Note: You can test all of your newsletter links (including catalog links) from the Editor by hovering over the link or jacket image with your mouse, then selecting the link from the pop-up box.

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