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I want to help readers find their next read

Your patrons rely on your expertise to help them find their next read. You’re pressed for time and have so much you’re juggling every day.

Don’t stress out! LibraryAware is here to help a little or a lot – it's up to you. You can offer services through LibraryAware with as little or as much effort as you are able to provide. Let our curated and up-to-date NextReads newsletters help your patrons fill up their TBR lists and place holds. You can also create your own custom book newsletters. Pro Tip: Our professionally designed templates make it easy for you to send personalized book recommendations.

Use NextReads newsletters 

NextReads newsletters deliver reading recommendations created by a team of professional librarians directly to patron inboxes. They are the ideal solution for busy librarians because they save you time and help build connections to readers. Find them under the Newsletter link at the top of your screen.

Print out a calendar of when the Advance List is available, when drafts are available for editing, and when NextReads newsletters are sent. Or, sign up for email notifications

You can add subscribers to a newsletter list and patrons can also sign up via your opt-in page.

Publicize your opt-in page by linking to it on your website or encouraging your staff members to add it as a link in their email signatures. Check out other libraries’ custom opt-in pages.

NextReads newsletters can be sent to patrons as is, or you can edit them to include different titles. You can also use NextReads newsletters to promote your online programs and resources.

We have more ideas on how to promote your NextReads newsletters and training videos to get you started.

Create your own custom book newsletters 


Want to share your own list of book recommendations for your patrons? It’s easy to create custom book newsletters. You can share staff picks, books with buzz, YA novels… the possibilities are endless. Create these under the Newsletter link or as an e-blast; read about the different features for each option. Browse the custom book newsletters other libraries have created for inspiration.

Send patrons personalized book recommendations 


Patrons greatly appreciate individual reading recommendations from their librarian. You’ll love not having to find links and write annotations (unless you want to!) because we do that work for you. Use our personalized book recommendation templates by searching “personal book list” or “readers’ advisory response,” or scroll through the layout options under the Newsletter link. You can create these personalized emails as an e-blast or a newsletter; read about the different features for each option.

Watch our webinar on form-based readers’ advisory for strategies and tips from three libraries with personalized reading recommendation programs. Then follow our step-by-step guide for creating your own personalized book recommendation emails.

See additional library examples to spark your own creativity! 

Display a book carousel (newsletter widget) on your website 

Use one or more of the NextReads newsletters or your own custom book newsletter to create a book carousel on your website.

See examples of what other libraries have created.  

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