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How do I create a widget?

You can use a widget to display information about an event, e-resource or book on your library’s website or on digital signage. Before you can create a widget, you must first create a widget container. Only the LibraryAware Administrators at your library can create widget containers. For more information on creating widget containers, please see the How do I create widget containers to hold my widgets? page in Help. 

NOTE: These instructions refer to promotional widgets. For information on creating newsletter widgets, including book rivers or carousels, see How do I create a newsletter widget or add newsletter content to my site?

To create a widget: 

  1. Click the Folders link at the top to open the All Folders page.

  2. Click the folder you would like to save your widget slide in.

  3. Click on the Create Item button at the top.

  4. Enter your keyword or search term into the search bar, like "storytime" or "summer reading."

  5. Under the Refine Results sidebar on the left, scroll under the Format category and click the checkbox next to Widgets

  6. Choose the appropriate widget template size based on the dimensions or aspect ratio of your widget container.

  7. Click the blue Create button to open the widget template in the editor.

  8. Make any edits to your widget slide. 

  9. Save your widget slide.

  10. Then click the upload icon and then click on Website Widget.

  11. This will take you to the Schedule Widget page where you can choose when to publish the slide and which widget container it will post to. Add a link, alt text, and then click the orange Save Publication Event button. 

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