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Creating Print Items: Drag & Drop Editor


The Drag & Drop editor allows you to create print items using layers and elements. Templates made for this editor offer complete flexibility in moving and editing text, images, and shapes. However, if you’re looking for the ability to create lists (for example, lists of books or lists of events), please use the templates made specifically for the Classic Editor.

To create an item in the Drag & Drop editor, click on the Folders tab. Open the Folder where you would like to create an item by clicking on the thumbnail image or name of the folder.

In the folder, click on the Create Item button.

Enter your keywords, like "storytime" or "book club", into the search bar, then click the format you wish to use under the Refine sidebar. Or click the format you wish to browse under the Refine sidebar without entering a search term. 

Note: Templates can also be selected from the Home tab (at the top of LibraryAware). Click Create under a template you would like to use.

In your template, all elements can be managed separately. You can delete, move, or change the opacity of the elements in your item.

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Note: Items and templates created in the Classic Editor cannot be opened in the newer Drag and Drop editor. 

The following Help pages will assist you in using the Drag and Drop editor:
How do I rename an item?

When you are done working in the editor, save or print your item using the buttons in the toolbar. For more information on publishing your Item, see the Printing & Publishing Items section of Help.

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