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Promoting Your Collection

You work hard building your library’s collection, and you want your patrons and your community to know about all that you offer! So how do you market your collection effectively? Use LibraryAware’s multiple communication strategies to make sure the word is getting out about your books, online resources, genealogy resources, special collections, small business materials, and more.

Watch our video tutorial for tips and strategies and read through the ideas below too.

Use emails


LibraryAware includes a variety of email templates to promote your collection. Search “media,” “genealogy,” “entrepreneur,” and other keywords, and then refine by e-blast format. Or click on the e-blast format and browse the available templates.

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload subscribers and edit email templates, see our email help page

Use book display signs


Promote your nonfiction titles, award winners, graphic memoirs, business books, and more. Search “reaching readers” and then refine by the Flyers-Books. Don’t have one of the books pictured in the template? Swap out the book jacket image for one you do own. We also have tons of signs for book displays on a theme, like Banned Books or science fair inspiration under the Flyer-Signs format. 

You can print these flyers or post them to social media

Use brochures


Use one of our bifold or trifold brochures to highlight programs like 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten or a special nonfiction focus for adults. Search “reaching readers” and then refine by the Brochures-Bifold or Brochures-Trifold format or both.

Use social media


LibraryAware offers templates in a variety of sizes for different social media platforms. Choose a template based on the platform you want to use. Make any necessary changes to the template and then post to social media.

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