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I want to reach readers through email

Most of us in the library field have traditionally thought of email as an announcement, alert, or reminder. But with the right strategies, your emails can serve to interest and engage your patrons in an ongoing conversation about all that your library has to offer.

Add subscribers  

If you already have a list of email addresses that you would like to send emails to, upload your list of subscribers. Publicize your opt-in page to gain additional subscribers.

Two email options

You can create emails in two sections in LibraryAware: the Folders section and the Newsletters section. Where you create your email depends on what other digital features you want to use, like book rivers, online archives, and more. We have a handy list detailing the features.  

Creating newsletters

Want to create a collection of newsletter issues on a specific topic? Create a newsletter list with your choice of colors and layout, and send individual issues on your own timeline.

Creating emails in the Folders section

Want to send information to a specific audience, send a one-time email, or use our additional template layouts for promotional newsletters? Create an email or e-blast in the Folders section. If you make any changes to a scheduled email, make sure to reschedule it.

Narrow your audience for greater results


Targeting specific audience groups with your email lists will allow you to create effective emails with higher open rates. Think parents interested in storytimes, teens wanting to join their own book club, adults looking for jobs, or those researching genealogy. Create subscriber interest groups with these audience groups in mind.

Publicize your opt-in page by linking to it on your website or encouraging your staff members to add it as a link in their email signatures. Your patrons can identify themselves as being a part of a specific audience group and sign up for your targeted emails. Check out other libraries’ custom opt-in pages.

Your opt-in page can also list the NextReads newsletters you’ve decided to send to your patrons. Use your NextReads newsletters to promote your online programs and services too!

Check open rates

Once you’ve scheduled and sent your email out to your patrons, you’ll want to track how many people opened your message and clicked through the links. Gathering and tracking your statistics can help you craft more effective emails going forward. You can view statistics on your newsletter lists or individual issues as well as the statistics on your emails created in a Promotion.

Extra email expertise

For even more ideas on connecting with readers through email, check out our webinar and in-depth guide.    

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