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How can I use the Drag & Drop Email Editor to send e-blasts to my newsletter subscribers?

These instructions also apply to e-blasts created in the Classic Email Editor.

Are you loving the new templates created for the Drag & Drop Email Editor and wish you could use them for your monthly newsletter, but your subscribers are in a newsletter list? Wish granted! Just follow the steps below. If you get stuck, use Live Chat and our real live Support reps will help you out.

For some background, emails can be created under Folders or Newsletters. When they’re created under Folders, they use e-blast templates and Subscriber Interest Groups (subscribers to one or more groups). When they’re created under Newsletters, they use newsletter templates and newsletter lists (subscribers to a specific list). We’re working on a way to blend everything together, but for now, here are the steps to follow if you want to use the Drag & Drop Email Editor (or the Classic Email Editor) with your newsletter list.

Pro tip! One of the benefits of creating Subscriber Interest Groups is that you can do targeted messaging and patrons will be able to sign up for lists that interest them. You can create lists like Parents with Small Children, Book Clubs, Teen Craft Club, and more. In turn, you can send emails to several groups at once. So, if you have an event that would interest parents as well as those who love book clubs, you can select both subscriber groups. With newsletters, only the subscribers who signed up for a specific newsletter will receive it.  

  1. Create a Subscriber Interest Group. This is where your newsletter subscribers will end up. Select Subscribers from the top of LibraryAware, then Subscriber Interest Groups on the left, and then click the orange Create button.

  2. Name your group as you want it to appear on your opt-in page.

    NOTE: Do not click the Exclude from Opt-In page box. That should only be clicked in specific circumstances, like for staff newsletters to which you do not want your patrons to subscribe. If you click this box and someone tries to unsubscribe, they will not see the newsletter listed on your opt-in page and will not be able to unsubscribe.

    Click the orange Save button. You’ll see a confirmation that your segment has been created. 

  3. Click on Email Subscribers on the left. Then look for Filter by: below the orange Add … button. Use the dropdown to select the newsletter list you want to pull subscribers from. 

  4. Click the orange Add drop-down and select Filteres Subscribers to Interest Group.

  5. Select the Newsletter List or Interest Group to which you want to add the selected subscribers.  

  6. Click the Export button. The selected subscribers will now be added as subscribers to the new Interest Group. When you send your email, select this Interest Group where prompted. 

Now, create your Drag & Drop Email Editor or Classic Email Editor item under Folders and you’ll be able to share it with your newsletter subscribers. Your newsletter list will remain unless you deactivate it.

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