What is an Opt-In Page link and how do I generate one?

Note: Users assigned to the Viewer or Editor roles may not have access to LibraryAware pages necessary to get or create subscribe links.

Opt-in pages, formerly referred to as subscribe pages, are webpages where your patrons can "opt-in" to receive library communications, like newsletters or promotional emails that your library sends to specific interest groups.  To sign up for these communications, your patrons will be asked to provide their name (optional) and email address.  We require a "double opt-in," meaning that when a patron subscribes via a page in LibraryAware, they will be sent a verification message to their email address.

There are several ways to get the link for your library’s default opt-in, or subscribe, page:

  1. Select Subscribers from the top of LibraryAware, and click the Opt-In Pages link on the left.
  2. On this page, under Standard Opt-in Page, you will see your options for creating your opt-in page.
  3. If you will be embedding the opt-in page onto your site, check the Remove styling and branding checkbox.  This will remove all styling and branding to better display on your website.
  4. Select the information that you want to display on your opt-in page:
    • Newsletter Lists & Interest Groups – Opt-in page will display both your Newsletter Lists and your Interest Groups.
    • Newsletter Lists – Only Newsletter Lists will be displayed.
    • Interest Groups – Only Interest Groups will be displayed.
  5. Copy the URL for the subscribe link and send it to your webmaster to have the link added to your library’s website.  You can also use it in widgets to promote your lists and include it in the newsletters you send to patrons.
Note: Unless the Remove styling and branding checkbox was checked, the Default Branding will appear at the top of the opt-in page.  Administrators can change this branding set at the Branding page under Admin.

Or you can:

  1. Select Newsletters from the top of LibraryAware, and click the Newsletter Lists link on the left.
  2. Click the Get button and select Opt-In Page.
  3. A pop-up window will display with the URL for your subscribe link.
  4. Repeat steps 3-5 above.

Tip: Only Subscriber Interest Groups set as Active and Newsletters Lists that are set to be included on the opt-in page will be available on the opt-in/subscribe page. 

If you would like to edit the header or the intro text for the default opt-in page, see How can I customize my default opt-in and subscribe pages?

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