Editing Items

  1. About the Editor

  2. How do I create Print Items using Section Layouts?

  3. How do I create and edit an e-blast?

  4. What is the difference between a newsletter and an e-blast?

  5. Reusables

  6. What if I have trouble finding the book that I want to add to my Item or newsletter?

  7. How do I enter or edit text in the Editor?

  8. How do I change or add an image in an Item?

  9. How do I swap a book or AV jacket image?

  10. How do I add newsletter content to my Print Items and E-blasts?

  11. How do I add content from my NoveList folder to my Items?

  12. How do I add content from my EBSCO folder to my Items?

  13. How do I edit my image?

  14. Can I insert a promotional item as an image in another item?

  15. How can I add ‘word art’ to my Item in LibraryAware?

  16. How do I name Items?

  17. How do I create two-sided Items?

  18. How do I change the colors used in my Item?

  19. How do I change the font and font colors used in my Item?

  20. What if my library wants to use a font that is not available in the Editor?

  21. How do I add a link to an Item?

  22. How do I add a QR code to my Item?

  23. Why doesn’t my QR code scan correctly on my printed Item?

  24. How do I create a clickable button and add it to my Item?

  25. How do I change the branding set used in an Item?

  26. How do I save my Item?

  27. How do I save my item as a PDF?

  28. How do I copy an Item?

  29. How can I move an Item from one Promotion to another?

  30. How can I share my Item so a coworker can review?

  31. How do I review an Item that a coworker shared?

  32. How can I undo an action in the LibraryAware Editor?

  33. Can a link embedded in an email link to anything?

  34. How do I preview my Item?

  35. Why is my preview blank?

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