Upcoming NextReads Changes

In the coming months, the NextReads team is implementing several important changes to our newsletters:
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy will be merged into one new newsletter called “Fantasy and Science Fiction.”
    Fantasy and Science Fiction trends have led to more genre blending and crossovers between the two genres. By merging these two newsletters, we will offer Science Fiction and Fantasy readers a wider variety of books as the genres continue to blend and evolve.

    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The combined Fantasy and Science Fiction newsletter will be delivered monthly beginning in June 2017. We will include reminders in the last issues of each separate newsletter.

    We will automatically move your Fantasy subscribers and your Science Fiction subscribers to this new newsletter. We think this is a change most readers will appreciate, but if you would like to request that we not automatically move your subscribers, please email us at libraryaware@ebsco.com

Want to get your patrons excited about the new Fantasy and Science Fiction newsletter? We have a flyer available that you can print, just search for "fantasy" under the Flyer-SIgns section. We also have e-blast and widget templates you can use (remember, just search "fantasy").

  • Business and Personal Finance will be discontinued. 
    We have great replacements in place already. Readers of this newsletter will find much of the same kinds of books to enjoy in our other newsletters. We especially recommend that readers subscribe to: Biography and Memoir (for readers who liked the biographies of industry leaders like Steve Jobs and Andrew Carnegie), History and Current Events (for readers who like books like Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country or The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline), and the Mind and Body Fitness newsletter (for readers interested in the financial and career advice books).

    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The last issue of the Business and Personal Finance newsletter will go out in April 2017. This issue will include a reminder to suggest that subscribers sign up for the Biography and Memoir, History and Current Events, and/or Mind and Body Fitness newsletters.

    We will not move your current Business and Personal Finance subscribers to the Mind and Body Fitness/Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise newsletter. The reminder to be included in the April 2017 issue will suggest this newsletter as an option to current subscribers.

  • Mind and Body Fitness will be renamed “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.“
    This newsletter will be renamed to “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise” starting with the June 2017 issue. This new name better reflects the personal growth focus of this newsletter.

    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: We will include a reminder about this change in the April 2017 issue.

  • Book Display Ideas will be discontinued.
    Don’t worry – we have a great replacement! Sign up for our Book Squad emails. Our Book Squad emails focus on current library trends and feature ideas and resources (like signage and flyers) that you can use with your patrons, whether in a display or throughout your library! Also, search “book display ideas” in NoveList and check out the Lists & Articles tab for more ideas.

    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The last issue of Book Display Ideas will go out in April 2017. We will include a reminder about this change in the March 2017 issue.

We thought carefully about these changes and think they will make your patrons and readers happy. Our hope is that by merging and expanding the coverage of these newsletters, it will open up your library subscribers to books that they might not have otherwise discovered.

Take a look at our updated newsletter delivery schedule for Advanced List and publication date information.

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