Cheat Sheet: Use LibraryAware to Tell Patrons About Flipster

Let your patrons know when new magazine issues are available by creating a custom monthly newsletter highlighting available magazines — just as you would for books!

1. Create a new newsletter list and issue  

  • Click the Newsletters tab at the top of the screen
  • Click Newsletter Lists on the left then click the Create List button
  • Enter the newsletter list information (call it “Magazines This Month,” for example) and customize the list layout.
  • Select your newsletter list and click Create Issue

2. Add your sections

Think about how you’d like to organize your newsletter. Maybe create sections where you list magazine titles by topic? Or maybe you want to list all of the new magazine issues available that month? Let’s demonstrate how to create a section about gardening magazines.
  • Add a section header to your newsletter (Tip: Click on the section that is just below where you want your new section to go)
  • Enter the name of your section (for example, “Check out our latest gardening magazines”)
  • Now add a new section – try choosing one of the multiple column layouts from the Rich Text Area option.
  • In each column, insert an image. You can search our image collection for “magazine” to find some images. If you have copyright permission, try using the magazine cover (you’ll have to upload these images – we don’t have them stored in LibraryAware).
  • Type in the title of the magazine underneath
  • Add another new Rich Text Area section underneath this one 
  • Insert a button image (try searching “button” in our image selector window) and link it to your library’s Flipster login page. If you don’t have this link, contact EBSCO Technical Support.
  • Save your newsletter
Here's an example:

3. Send your newsletter

Think about who you want to send this email to. All cardholders? Certain newsletter subscribers? When you figure out who should receive this, upload the relevant list of names and email addresses as subscribers to this newsletter.
  • Once your subscribers are added for the newsletter list, click the Publish To button in the newsletter editor and select Schedule Email
  • Click Post Now or Schedule for Later 
  • Enter your email and subscriber information
  • Click Schedule Send

Want more ideas for promoting Flipster? Try these tips.

1. Use the ready-to-go e-blast templates

For a general announcement, LibraryAware has ready-to-go e-blast templates to promote Flipster!

Under the Promotions section, select the Email type then search "Flipster" to find them. Just add a link, then you’re ready to send it to your library cardholders.

2. Customize the ready-made e-blast templates

The ready-to-go e-blast templates mentioned above can be customized to mention specific new magazines found in Flipster. Want to feature the technology magazines that are available? Just edit the text or change the image. You can search our image collection for “magazine” or you can add an image of your own!

See our tutorial for more information on adding and editing images.

And make sure to link to your library website to point readers to more information on Flipster!

3. Announce it in your library’s regular monthly newsletters

Add a rich text area for a Flipster announcement to any of your library newsletters. Easy! Use the text from our example below or write your own announcement.

Here's an example of one library who did this.

Insert an image of a Flipster logo by searching the images for "Flipster." Again, see our tutorial for more information on adding and editing images.

4. Add an extra note to your NextReads newsletters

Before each issue of NextReads goes out, you have an opportunity to add or edit the content. Consider adding information on magazine titles related to the topic of the newsletter. For example, try adding children’s magazines to your Kids’ Books newsletter, or science magazines to your Nature and Science newsletter.

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