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What URL should I use for my Evanced feed?

Note: Evanced Events can be used in the Lists editor, as well as in emails and newsletters. Evanced Events are not used in the Drag and Drop editor.

You can modify your Evanced Events RSS Feed URL to get the URL that you need for LibraryAware.  In your RSS feed URL, change the query parameter from "dm=rss" to "dm=exml."  If you do not have this query parameter in your RSS feed URL, you can just add "dm=exml"  to it.

For example:

If the original RSS feed URL is:

The modified URL to add to LibraryAware will be: /lib/eventsxml.asp?dm=exml&lib=ALL&nd=30

The “nd” parameter in the above URL refers to the next XX number of days that you want to show events for.  In the above example, events occurring in the next 30 days will be shown. The "lib" parameter indicates that more than one library is associated with the Evanced calendar.

If the original URL for an Evanced Signup account is:

The modified URL to add to LibraryAware will be: 

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