How does Events by Evanced Solutions work with LibraryAware?

If your library uses Evanced Solutions for your library’s calendar, you can set up LibraryAware to easily add your events to your Promotions.  We can pull from both Evanced Events and Evanced SignUp.

The LibraryAware Administrator at your library will first need to add the Evanced RSS Feed URL to your account on the Basic Settings page under the Admin section.

To add an event to your Item:

  1. While in the Item Editor, click the Pick an Event link from the left column.
  2. In the Search box at the top of the Add New Event window, begin typing the name or a keyword for the event. A list of upcoming events is displayed.

  3. Click Use this event to add the event to your Item.

Note: If you don’t see the expected results in your event search, ask your LibraryAware Admin to verify that the correct URL is entered on the Basic Settings page by copying and pasting the feed URL into your web browser’s address field. You can see on the page displayed what events are being pulled in via the feed.

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