Using LibraryAware's Ready-to-go Branding Templates

LibraryAware has three ready-to-go branding templates that can easily be edited for a unique look for your library. When you are set up with your LibraryAware account, you will have the option to receive the branding files to edit for your account.

There are several ways to customize these templates:
  • Update the library name and contact information.
  • Change the background color to one that matches your library brand.
  • Change the text fonts.
  • Swap out one of our logo options for your library’s logo.
Take a look at some of the things you can do with these ready-to-go templates.

To get started, download the branding template files:
The branding .zip file will include the Publisher branding files, a PDF of example branding and the editing steps, and our generic logo options (for the branding blocks that include a logo).

Once you have the branding template file, you will need to edit all of the branding blocks in Microsoft Publisher.

To edit the branding templates in Publisher:

  1. Open the file in Publisher. You’ll see that each element (logo, sections of text) are contained in separate boxes.
  2. Edit the placeholder text to add your library name, phone number, address, and/or website URL.
  3. If you have a long library name you can extend the size of the text box by dragging the left or right edge.
  4. To change the font:
    • Highlight your text.
    • Make a selection from the Font drop-down in the top toolbar.
  5. If you would like to replace the logo with an image of your own:
    • Right-click on the logo image.
    • Select Change Picture
    • At the Insert Pictures window, you can navigate to the image file you would like to use.
    • If your text is shifted when the logo is inserted, select the Format menu from the toolbar (with the logo selected). Under Wrap Text, select None.
    • If the branding template does not include an image, select the Insert menu from the toolbar, then click Pictures to locate an image on your local computer.
  6. To change the background color: 
    • For the Clean and Contemporary Branding Block files:
      • Select the Page Design menu from the toolbar.
      • From the Background drop-down you can select a new scheme color or click More Backgrounds to add your own RGB, Pantone, or CMYK values.  
      • From the More Backgrounds menu you can also use the Gradient fill option to select an option from Preset gradients or change the colors by selecting a gradient stop and using the Color drop-down.
      • Click OK.
    • For the Traditional Branding Block files:
      • Click on the background. Make sure no textboxes are selected.
      • Select the Format menu from the toolbar.
      • From the Shape Fill drop-down you can select a new scheme color or click More Fill Colors to add your own RGB, Pantone, or CMYK values.
      • From the Shape Fill drop-down you can also use the Gradient option once your background color is selected.
  7. Save your image:
    • From the File menu, select Save As.
    • Select the location to save the image.
    • Under Save as type, select JPEG format.
    • Under Resolution, click the Change button. Select the High quality printing of commercial press (300 dpi) option.
    • Click OK.
    • Click the Save button.
Remember that each type of item you make in LibraryAware has a specific branding block, so you will need to make these changes to the branding file for all item types (flyer, email, brochure, etc) you plan to use in LibraryAware. All sizes of the branding template will be included in the files.

Not comfortable using Publisher? We can help you, just write to us and let us know. To assist you with the branding, we will need:
  • The branding option that you would like to use
  • Your brand colors (RGB, CMYK, or Pantone values)
  • Your fonts (a Publisher or Google font, or you can send us a font)
  • The logo you would like to use (file needs to be a .jpeg, .png, or .eps)
If you need assistance, our support team will get you started with the branding customization and the initial edits to the design. After that you can make as many changes to the design as you like.

To upload your updated branding blocks to your LibraryAware account:

Note that only Administrators will be able to upload the new branding blocks to your library’s account.
  1. Select Admin from the top of LibraryAware.
  2. From the menu on the left, click Template Management then select Branding.
  3. From an existing branding set, click the Edit icon beside each branding type. 
  4. Select the Use the following image for the branding block option. 
  5. Click the Choose File button to find the branding image that you edited.
  6. Click Save Changes.
You will need to upload each branding image to your LibraryAware account separately.

Also see our video tutorial on editing our branding templates:

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