How do I delete an Item?

Note: Viewers will not be able to delete an Item.

To delete a Promotional Item from LibraryAware:

  1. Click the Promotions icon at the top, left-hand corner of the page to open the All Promotions page. Here, you’ll find a list of your library’s current Promotions. 
  2. Open the Promotion that contains the Item you want to delete, by clicking the View Promotion link beneath the title of that Promotion. 
  3. This will open the Items page, which lists all of the Items (bookmarks, flyers, emails, letters, or brochures) associated with the Promotion selected. 
  4. From the Items page, click on an Item to open the Document Details pop-up.
  5. From the Document Details options, click Delete Document.
  6. Click Yes to confirm the deletion of this Item.
  7. The Item will be removed from the list of Items in your Promotion.

Note: If you delete an Item that has been scheduled to post or send, that Item’s posts will be cancelled and removed from your schedule.

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