Using the Search Bar Feature

You all have spoken, and we are here to deliver! We are proud to unveil our shiny new search bar, getting you to one of our 7,500+ and growing templates even faster than before!

Watch our new video tutorial on how to supercharge your search:

You can find our new search bar in two different ways:

  • Click on the Home button at the top of your screen, and you will find the search bar above the New Releases section.  

  • Or click on the Folders button at the top of your screen, and then click the Folder you would like your item saved in. Then click the Create Item button at the top. 

  • You will then be taken to the search bar page. You can enter in your search terms into the search bar or you can browse the templates by format. Click on the format under the Refine sidebar to narrow your results by format. 

Once you type in your search terms, whether it is “storytime” or “summer reading,” you will be able to refine your results on the left. You can refine your results by organizations, formats, and audience. See our Cheat Sheet for other helpful keywords to search with. 

For example, you can search “storytime” and then check the Bookmark-2-page checkbox to find just the templates that have that keyword and format. 

You can also use the Sort drop down menu located under the search bar and on the right. The search results will default to the most relevant results first, but you can also choose to sort by:

  • Date Created – Newest First
  • Date Created – Oldest First
  • Template Name – A to Z
  • Template Name – Z to A

The number of results returned from your search will display under the search bar. 

You can navigate through the pages of results at the bottom of the page by clicking on the arrows or the page numbers. 

 Once you have found a template you would like to use, click on the Preview button to take a closer look. 

Click on the blue Create button from either the template thumbnail or the preview to open the template up in the editor. Make your changes, save, and spread the word with another beautiful LibraryAware template!  

How to browse templates by searching a format

If you want to browse our available templates for a specific format, enter the format in the search bar, and then click the format under the Refine Results sidebar.

For example, if you would like to browse all of the Flyer-Books templates, enter "flyer" into the search bar and then click on the checkbox for Flyers-Books. You can then sort by the Date Created - Newest First option to see our latest templates. 

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