March 2015 Updates

The next release of LibraryAware will be available the week of March 23. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at  

This release will bring you the following changes:

Move Items from one promotion to another
Bulk Uploads of subscribers will now go through a validation process
  • Now when you bulk upload a list of subscribers, we will run the email addresses through a validation process.  Validating the emails will help us to make sure that your subscribers' emails work and that they will receive all of your library's communications.
Publishers and Editors can delete Items
Easily clear the existing fields in your Item when you add multiple records
  • This feature applies to Section Layout, E-blast, and Newsletter templates.  Now when you add multiple records at once, whether the records come from a newsletter or your NoveList or EBSCO folder, you will have the option to clear all existing records in the Item first.  With the Clear Zone feature, creating Items based on your newsletters or the contents of your folders will be even easier.

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