How do I create a newsletter from an EBSCO or NoveList alert?

  1. Access the Newsletters section by selecting Newsletters from the top of the LibraryAware page.
  2. On the left side of the Newsletters Overview page, click the Newsletter Lists link.
  3. At the Newsletter Lists page, click the orange Create List button.
  4. Enter the newsletter list information:
    • Newsletter List Name – Enter the name for the newsletter list.  This is the name that will display on your organization’s opt-in page.
    • Description – Enter a short description of your newsletter list.  This description will also display on your opt-in page.
    • Reading Levels – If your library has NoveList Select and has linked your NoveList Select and LibraryAware accounts, you can post your newsletters to your catalog.  You will use the Reading Levels field to define which catalog records your newsletter is posted to.  Click in this field to select the Reading, or Audience, Levels for this newsletter list.  You will set up your NoveList Select account at the Basic Settings page.
    • Newsletter List Terms – Like with the Reading Levels field, if your library has NoveList Select and has linked your NoveList Select and LibraryAware accounts, you can use this field to further tag your newsletter with the Newsletter List Terms that represent the content of the newsletter issues.  This will define which catalog records your newsletter is posted to.  For example, if you are creating a Mystery newsletter list you can use the “Mystery stories” Newsletter List Term and your newsletter will be posted to the mystery books in your catalog.  You will set up your NoveList Select account at the Basic Settings page.
    • Include Newsletter in Opt-in Page – If this option is checked, the newsletter list will be listed on your organization’s opt-in, or subscribe, page and patrons will be able to subscribe to it.  If you uncheck this option, the newsletter list will not be included on your opt-in page.
      Note: If you will be sending your newsletter issue to Interest Groups, not newsletter subscribers, uncheck Include Newsletter in Opt-In Page.
  5. Click Customize list layout or the Select a Template icon to the right. Several newsletter layouts will appear. You can view the options by using the right/left scroll arrows. Click on any thumbnail to see the newsletter larger in the preview pane. When you've decided on a layout and it's showing in the preview pane, use the dropdown arrows to choose your branding set, font swatch and color swatch.  Click the Select Layout button to confirm your selection.
  6. Under List Syndication, select This list will use an EBSCOhost alert as a source of issues.
  7. Enter your EBSCOhost or NoveList username.
  8. Select the EBSCO Alert Name from the drop-down.
  9. Select a Layout from the drop-down.
  10. Enter the number of results to use from the alert feed.
  11. Select the frequency that you want a newsletter issues created from the alert.  Note: You will want to select the frequency that you have set the alert to run in EBSCO.
  12. If you want the newsletter issue to send automatically, check “Schedule the issue to be sent.”  Select the number of days after the issue is created, to send the issue.
    Note: We recommend that you review the newsletter issue before sending to your subscribers.  Please allow several days between the time the newsletter issue is created to the time it is sent.
  13. Click the Customize list layout button to determine the look of the newsletter issues for this newsletter list.  A pop-up window will display.  As you make your selections, the Preview on the right side will be updated.
    • Newsletter List Layout – Select the basic layout you want to use for the newsletter issues for this newsletter list.  We recommend the one-column layout for your alert content.
    • Branding Set – Select the branding set that you want to use for the newsletter issues.  You can select “No Branding” if you do not want a header/footer to display in your newsletter.  Note: From the Editor, you will be able to change the branding for an individual newsletter.
    • Font Swatch – Select the font swatch to use in your newsletter issues.
    • Color Swatch – Select the color swatch to use in your newsletter issues. To edit your selected color swatch, you can:
      1. Click on the pencil icon.  
      2. Click on the text or background color that you want to change.  
      3. You can enter the RGB values or hex code for your desired color, or drag the arrows for the color bar in the center of the window to your desired color range.
      4. As you drag the arrows in the color bar, the large box on the left side of this window will display the shades for the selected color range.  
      5. Using your mouse, drag and drop the white circle in this large box, to find your color.  
      6. Once you have found your desired color, click in the Customize List window.
      7. You can repeat these steps to change as many colors as you like.
  14. When you have finished making your layout selections, click the orange Select Layout button.
  15. Click the Save Changes button to save your newsletter list.
Your newsletter issues will be created automatically at the frequency you selected. 

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