Cheat Sheet: Create an Event Flyer

1. Choose a Template 

LibraryAware has lots of templates to start from.  When choosing a template, choose one with the layout you like—colors, fonts, and images can all be changed later!
  • Click Create Item under your promotion
  • Select Print Materials then Flyers-Events
  • Select Event - Single Date from Category drop-down 
  • Find a template and click orange Select This Template button

2. Add your Event

If you use Evanced Events you can easily add from your Evanced calendar.  Or enter the info for a new event yourself!
  • First enter your Item Name
  • On the left side, click Select Event
  • Search for an event or click Add a blank event to add one
  • Click Use this event
  • Click Save Reusables and Edit Content on the left side

3. Add Images and Text

Here’s where you can get creative with your flyer by adjusting the font, colors, and images to suit your audience.
  • Highlight any text to change and enter the new text or change the font with the Font drop-down
  • Click Color Swatch button then Use a different color swatch to change the colors in your flyer
  • Click on the image and click the Swap Image button
  • Click Select Image under a new image, then zoom in to the image and use the mouse to move it around 

What else can you do with it?

Print the Flyer

  • Click Save
  • Click the Print button
  • Hover over the Print Preview and click the Print icon to send the flyer to you printer

Post to Facebook

  • Click Save
  • Click the Publish To button and select Facebook
  • Under Post Content, enter a message to go along with the flyer
  • Click Post Now or Schedule for Later 

Post to Pinterest

  • Click Save
  • Click the Publish To button and select Pinterest
  • Click the Pin It button
  • Sign into Pinterest and save the flyer to your board

Post to NoveList Select in your catalog

  • Click Save
  • Click the Publish To button and select Catalog
  • Select when you want to post it
  • Enter a title and description
  • Select relevant audiences and subject headings
  • Click Save Publication Event

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