Cheat Sheet: Create an Event Flyer

1. Choose a Template 

LibraryAware has lots of templates to start from.  When choosing a template, choose one with the layout you like—colors, fonts, and images can all be changed later!
  • Click Create Item under your promotion
  • Select Print: Drag and Drop then Flyer-Events
  • Find a template by typing a keyword like "storytime" in the search bar. Once you have found a template you would like to use, click the orange Select This Template button

2. Add your Event Text

Enter the event details that your patrons need to know!
  • In the existing text boxes, enter your event information
  • If you need additional text boxes, click Text from the left panel and drag over the text style that you want to add
  • Highlight your text to change the font, size, or color
  • Move or delete any of your text boxes

3. Add Images

Get even more creative with your flyer by adjusting the images.
  • Click on the image and click the Swap Image button
  • Click Select Image under a new image, then use the handles on the image to change the size or enlarge/shrink the image, and use the mouse to move it around 
  • Add any additional images, like image "shapes"

What else can you do with it?

Print the Flyer

  • Click Save
  • Click the Print button
  • Hover over the Print Preview and click the Print icon to send the flyer to you printer

Post to Facebook

  • Click Save
  • Click the Publish To button and select Facebook
  • Under Post Content, enter a message to go along with the flyer
  • Click Post Now or Schedule for Later 

Post to Pinterest

  • Click Save
  • Click the Publish To button and select Pinterest
  • Click the Pin It button
  • Sign into Pinterest and save the flyer to your board

Post to NoveList Select in your catalog

  • Click Save
  • Click the Publish To button and select Catalog
  • Select when you want to post it
  • Enter a title and description
  • Select relevant audiences and subject headings
  • Click Save Publication Event

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