April 2016 Updates

The next release of LibraryAware will be available the week of April 11. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at LibraryAware@ebsco.com.  

This release will bring you the following changes:

Note: We will link to the relevant help pages as they become available.

New default sorts in the Image Selector window
  • In the Image Selector window, the Images tab now defaults to sort by “Date Uploaded Newest First,” and the Promotional Images tab now defaults to sort by “Date Created Newest First.”

Format changes for Print Material Templates
  • We have moved some of our print material templates to new formats. You will see the following format changes:
    Templates previously found under Will now be found under
    Bookmarks Bookmark-4-page
    Bookmark-Wide Bookmark-3-page
    Flyers Flyers-Events
    Flyers-2 Sided Two Sided-Flyers
    Flyers-Quarter-2 Sided Two Sided-Flyers-Quarter  
    Posters Posters (11x17)
    Posters-2 Sided Two Sided-Posters
    Rack-Cards Bookmark-2-page
    Reading MapsFlyers-Books
    Shelf Signage Shelf Talkers

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