How do I create Items?

Once you’ve created a Promotion, next, you can create individual Items.  When you select the Create Item button from the Promotions or the Existing Items lists, you will either open the Create Item page or the drop-down to select an Item type. 

Note, to start a new Social Media Post (Facebook or Twitter) you must click the orange Create Item button from the list of the Promotion’s Existing Items and select “Social Media Post” from the Item type drop-down.

  1. First, select the type of Item that you want to create for your Promotion, from the first column on the left:  
    • Print Materials – These are the materials that you will be able to print and distribute to users in person.  This includes Item formats like bookmarks, brochures, and flyers.
    • Emails – These are materials that will be distributed to your email subscribers.  This includes Item formats like e-blasts.
    • Widget Slides – This will include widget slides that you create for the widgets on your organization’s website.
    • Media Releases – These are letters that you might send to your community partners or media outlets.  This includes Item formats like letters to the editor and requests for donation.
  2. Next, select the Item format that you would like to use.  See below for the full list of formats available in LibraryAware.
  3. The templates that are available for the format you’ve chosen, will display.  The templates will be designed for the Topic and Category that you selected when you first created the Promotion.  View templates by topic and category by using the Topic and Category drop-down menus.  
  4. Click on a template to see a Preview and some details, including dimensions, of the template. 
  5. Click the orange Select This Template button on the right to edit your Item.

Formats available:

Print Materials
  • Bookmark-2-page (2 sided)
  • Bookmark-3-page (2 sided)
  • Bookmark-4-page (2 sided)
  • Brochures-Bifold (2 sided)
  • Brochures-Trifold (2 sided)
  • Flyer-Books
  • Flyer-Events
  • Flyer-Signs
  • Flyers-Half - 2 per page
  • Flyers-Quarter - 4 per page
  • Posters (11x17)
  • Two Sided-Flyers
  • Two Sided-Flyers-Quarter - 4 per page
  • Two Sided-Posters portrait
  • Two Sided-Posters landscape
  • E-Blasts
Widget Slides
  • Widgets
Media Releases
  • Community Partner communications
  • Media communications
  • Sponsor communications

*Email newsletters can also be created under the Newsletters section of LibraryAware.

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